About Us

A small group of people living in the Village felt that a central "Hub" of information, news and events would enhance the sense of community and help to coordinate functions and avoid clashes.  Darlington Council and The Darlington Partnership have been most supportive of the concept and assisted in the initial construction.  Our success over a longer period will only be assured if our neighbours join in with content and helping to run various aspects of the site as its features increase in number.  We appeal to all our Village residents to contact us through our Contact Page and get involved!

A Community Interest Company has been formed "Haughtonhub CIC" and a bank account opened.  This is a not for profit organisation and running expenses should amount to just a few hundred pounds a year.  To meet these modest costs we seek advertisers and sponsors, investing any surplus in site enhancements and other Community benefits.

We look forward to hearing from you!