Agnes Adams receiving Maundy Money 1967

Gran Adams With Her Maundy Money Donated Displayed In The Church

Sitting in her Welbeck Avenue home, Mrs Mary Agnes Adams is holding a presentation box and 3 leather purses (green, red and white) containing her Maundy Money. 

Agnes was selected for her services to St Andrews Church and the Community.  She received the Presentation from the Queen, at Durham Cathedral, on Maundy Thursday 1967.  She was accompanied, to the Service, by her youngest daughter Mrs Christina Ross Carter (´Ena´).

41 men and 41 women (as many as the Sovereign has years) received  the specially minted 1p, 2p 3p and 4p silver coins. In addition they received a 1953 Coronation Crown and a 10 shilling note in lieu of food and clothing previously distributed.  Agnes received a full Distribution Set and these are extremely rare.

The ceremony was watched on TV at Haughton Primary School and Agnes was interviewed, by the local TV station and Newspapers, outside the Cathedral.

When ´Aggie´ passed away the Presentation Box of Maundy Money was donated, to St Andrews Church, Haughton-le-Skerne, where it has been on display for almost 40 years.

Maundy Money to pensioners (of modest means) are said ´To fulfil Jesus´s eve of Crucifixion command, to his followers, to love one another´.

Written by: Susan Harrison (nee Carter, granddaughter of Agnes Adams)