Our Co-Op Dividend Number '15814'

I was born in 1948 and spent my first 18 years in Haughton-le- Skerne living on Stockton Road, Kennel Lane and Springwell Terrace.

Susans Christening Photo

My Christening outside Haughton Church

I was cocooned in a strong, safe community, with all my extended family, where the doors were unlocked and the roads were quiet.

Life revolved around the Church, Haughton School, Sunday School, the Church Hall, Institute, Brownies, Guides and Dancing Class.

Susan Dancing

Susan Harrison (nee Carter)

There were shops for all our needs; the wonderful smells in Fryers, dripping carcases in Todds, Knights, Bestwicks, the Post-office and Mr Close the Taxi Driver.

There was a shop, on Stockton Road, that sold Sunday contraband goods in paper bags, and of course the Co-op where you used your Dividend number. I´ve not forgotten our number; 15814!

I remember a village of strong women, many had lost Husbands and Sweet-hearts in the First World War. They organised Sales of Work, Jumble Sales, Whist Drives, peggy-rug classes, drama groups, Dances and many more activities. There was always a thriving Parent and Teachers´Association at Haughton Primary School with Beetle Drives and Scottish Country dancing.

This is a photo of my wonderful Mam, Christina Ross Carter (nee Adams), dressed as Katherine Parr in a Henry VIII production. My Aunty Olga helped to make the costumes, with old curtains, and my Aunty Edna was Henry VIII!!

Christina Ross As Katherine Parr

Christina Ross as Katherine Parr'

My playground was Kennel Lane and the track down to the River Skerne. We had no T.V. so our imaginations ran riot; we were Kings, Queens, slaves, Cowboys and Indians, Circus performers and acted out Weddings and Funerals. Our toys were few; short and long skipping ropes, marbles, ball in a stocking, whip and top and home-made go-carts.

There are so many childhood memories; rhubarb dipped in sugar, Syrup of Figs, warm school milk, Gob-stoppers, Liquorice Sticks and twisted Barley Sugars, Rice Pudding and prunes, Tapioca and Sago.

There were newspaper squares and frozen pipes in the outside toilet. The excitement of Club outings to the seaside and coaches lined up on The Green, School trips to Wales, the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton and playing cards with my Gran. (Agnes Adams nee Robinson).

Buses Lined Up Along The Green Averil Lewis Susan Carter 1949

Buses lined up along the Green

In this photo I am with Stephen Craddock and Neil Johnson at the top of Kennel Lane.

Stephen Craddock Susan Neil Johnston

Stephen Craddock, Susan Carter & Neil Johnson

So my youth was spent in Haughton, my working life in Rotherham and now my Retirement in Spain (Torrox-Costa Malaga). But I still return 'Home to Haughton' to be reunited with Family, Friends and the Haughton History Society. And I love to walk, alone, around the village and recall my past.

Susan L. Harrison (nee Carter)