A Policeman's Lot in 1916

If you were under the belief that life in Haughton-le-Skerne would be quiet and crime free in 1916 then think again!

The below article was published in the Newcastle Journal on the 19th May 1916. 


A remarkable story was told at Darlington, yesterday, when a man named George Collins, aged 39, was charged with having broken and entered the premises of Messrs W. Morgan and Sons, pawnbrokers, North Road, and stolen a quantity of rings and watches, valued at £47 3s.

At 3.30 that morning the night watchman at the N.E.R. shops heard the sound of breaking glass, and on looking out saw a man running away from the pawnshop window.  He informed P.C. Robson, who produced a bicycle, and near HAUGHTON-LE-SKERNEhe came upon a man.

Getting off the machine he questioned the man, who replied that he would show him his insurance card, whipped a revolver out of his hip pocket, and fired at the constable.  The aim was bad, and the bullet only grazed the officer’s coat.

The constable closed with the man, and, after a violent struggle, secured possession of the revolver, and with assistance got him to the lock-up.

In the man’s possession were found 32 gold rings, 2 ladies gold watches, 3 gentlemen’s rolled gold watches, 5 gold brooches, one rolled gold brooch, and one gold shell bracelet.

The prisoner was remanded for 8 days.