Darlington Camcorder Club

02/02/2014 10:06:16 Carol Atkinson

HUB NEWS FLASH! After an interesting meeting and discussions took place with members of the Darlington Camcorder Club, we are really pleased to announce that they are going to join the Hub Village Website. The Camcorder Club will have their own section on the Hub which will come on line in the near future. Also, from this date onwards club events will be advertised on the Hub. As you can read below, the Camcorder Club have kindly forwarded the report from their last meeting:

Last meeting review:-

Report for 30th Jan 2014 meeting.

Alan is our one-liner specialist and he showed us again a number of his previous productions. After the laughter had subsided we prepared a three-camera shoot of a new example. This involved quite a lengthy set-up before all was ready. The three cameramen were Paul, Arthur and John W. The stars were Alan himself, who also wrote the script, and Reg.

The editing of a multi-camera shoot was discussed, with advice from the more experienced members. Now we await the result of editing by Paul, Arthur and John W.

Once again there was much learning activity.

We also had a visit from members of the Haughton Village Hub Website and the local History Group during which we discussed mutual support and areas of cooperation. It was agreed that we would exchange Website links and that we should develop a Hub page devoted to Camcorder Club activities with links to videos on the club site for the delectation of the community.

John A