WI Get Together

18/09/2014 08:35:17 Carol Atkinson

A pleasant afternoon was had by all yesterday when the Haughton WI arranged for a few members from other town groups to join them in the Chapel. Carol Atkinson from Haughtons Local History Society gave a talk written in 2010 by Pam Pallister (sadly no longer with us) called 'Village Life in Haughton-le-Skerne - My Memories of Bestwick's the Bakers & Pamela Brown's Hair Salon'. Pam had been an enthusiastic member of both groups and is fondly remembered by them. Following the talk Valerie Tooth opened up Coffee@Haughton where the group enjoyed lattes, hot chocolate, tea and homemade cheese scones. A number of the group then wandered over to St Andrew's Church where they were given a guided tour by Audrey Pearson. The remainder of the ladies present watched photos of the village. In fact the day proved to be quite a 'GET TOGETHER' for a number of groups.