Darlington Video Makers Club

 Making Memories Last Forever

We are a group of about 20 members who regularly meet in the Garden Room at the Methodist Chapel on Haughton Green to exchange ideas, show our movie masterpieces, and discuss how they could be improved.  As a mixed ability group we represent a wide range of experience, covering most of the popular camcorders and editing systems.

The films we make are as diverse as the people who make them, documentaries, comedies, holiday videos, steam rallies and even one about a bloke near Darlington who had half a Vulcan bomber in his garden!

Link to just a few of them by clicking on one of the buttons on the left hand side of the page.

Or visit our website for more.

Some of our members are mad on the technology but others are more interested in watching the movies and so we have developed a meeting format where the first half is spent on technical presentations and the second half is devoted to viewing.

Weekly meetings usually last for about two and a half hours with time for a cup of coffee and a bit of socialising half way through. This is the time to corner your ‘expert’ and sort out your problems.  

We also have a very lively ‘Drama and Club Project Group’ made up of members who are interested in the creation and development of all aspects of drama production and acting. They benefit immensely from the enthusiastic support and the technical camera work of the remaining membership. The Club Project element involves working with local special interest groups creating video records of their activities in support of their promotional activities.

Our group are all keen to encourage new members so why not come along and learn how to record precious family moments; activities with friends, or create films about your local community.  The latter could include present day events which in the future could become a piece of social history.

For further details visit our website www.darlingtoncamcorderclub.co.uk